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“AVAN” is a limited liability company based in Riga, Latvia. It was founded in 1992.
Basic company’s activities are special (Reference No, T99-077 dated 24.03.1999 issued by the Labor Inspection) and general building operations (License No. 1160 dated 12.05.1998).
The company provides an operations which contains following:
Mounting and repair of thermal insulation on buildings and different productions of Latvia;
Making, mounting and repair of protective insulation planting;
Anti-corrosion protection of industrial equipment;
Mounting and repair of setting of steam and hot-water boiler units;
General building operations.
The company pays big attention on quality of implementation of operations and has technically skilled personnel. Also “AVAN” company has necessary equipment. All operations were performed in accordance with the Latvian and International standards.
Quality management system confirmed by the Certificate EN ISO 9001:2000 No. BS 990058 issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.  The company’s management do the best to ensure that customers are satisfied.
“AVAN” deals with most famous in the world manufacturing companies like “PAROC” and “ROCKWOOL”.

We offer the high quality of services at significant price reduction.